Hi, have you ever heard someone say, “It’s just my genetics?"

This may be the biggest myth of them all. Current science has proved that you are not slave to your genes. The idea that “You are what your genes say you are and that’s final.” originates with the work of Charles Darwin. Science has come a long way since then.

In Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief, he states:

“In his 1859 book The origin of Species, Darwin said that individual traits are passed from parents to their children. He suggested that “hereditary factors” passed from parent to child control the characteristics of an individual’s life. That bit of insight set scientists off on a frenzied attempt to dissect life down to its molecular nuts and bolts, for within the structure of the cell was to be found the heredity mechanism that controlled life.”

Dr. Lipton goes on to talk about how scientists have now discovered genes actually control very little. In fact, it is how your genes are EXPRESSED that matters. He says a new field of study has emerged called epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the study of how your environment shapes your gene expression. You are not your genes, but in fact, you are the expression of your genes. Genes are like blueprints. Genes can be “read” or not “read”. Which genes are expressed (read) will be a result of your environment?

Dr. James Chestnut, a very well known chiropractor, researcher, and author of many health and wellness books says, “Your state of health is the genetic expression of your environment. Whatever gene is causing you to have bad health, did not turn itself “on”. That gene being turned “on or read” is the genetic effect of your lifestyle choices.”

“The effect of your lifestyle choices bio-accumulate with time. The good news is - your good choices bio-accumulate with time. The bad news is - your bad choices bio-accumulate with time.”

When is the best time to start making good healthy choices so you can change your genetic expression? You are absolutely right if you said, “TODAY!”

If you keep doing your spinal hygiene exercises and getting regular adjustments balancing out your Zones in our office CONSISTENTLY, your body will be able to do some pretty amazing things.

“A better balanced brain and nervous system, feels better and heals better”.

As most of you have heard me say in the past, EAT WELL… MOVE WELL… THINK WELL…

Dr. Stuart Katzen

Dr. Stuart Katzen

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