Manifestation of Stress

In today’s world, most of us are under a fair amount of stress. Stress comes in many forms. There are emotional stresses, physical stresses, as well as chemical stresses.

DD Palmer, the Founder of Chiropractic referred to them as the three T’s: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. Unfortunately, we cannot escape this reality. However, we can choose how we react and respond to our environments.

The following “POWER” series is being shared with you to empower you to help reclaim your health now and in the future. With just a few subtle lifestyle habits, you can skyrocket your well-being and unlock your true health potential.

The Power of 5, 2, 1, 0 :

5, 2, 1, 0, is a simple concept we share to help keep people on track with their daily habits and goals.

5: Five or more servings of Vegetables and Fruits, daily!

2: Limit screen time to two hours a day. This would be ideal in general, but the recommendations are for no more than two additional hours above the required school/work time on a computer. (Don’t bring cell phones to the dinner table. Perhaps consider a good old fashion book before bed)

1: One hour of physical activity daily. Walk, stretch, weight lifting, etc. This is great for your body and helps stimulate your “flow”. As your body moves- your brain grooves - Jim Kwik

0: Zero sugary drinks. 1 can of cola/soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. Sugar increases systemic inflammation and radically alters glucose/insulin balance. (One of my former students shared “Zero excuses”… I liked it!)

As most of you have heard me say in the past, EAT WELL… MOVE WELL… THINK WELL…

Dr. Stuart Katzen

Dr. Stuart Katzen

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