Treatments for sciatica vary, depending on the cause.

Treatment for sciatica caused by pelvic misalignment is often resolved with chiropractic care. The chiropractor checks the lower back and pelvis using muscle testing, motion and static palpation and reflex testing to figure out where the alignment issue is coming from. Using special pieces on the chiropractors table, electronic impulse adjusting instruments or hands on manual adjustments, the chiropractor is able to realign the fixated, misaligned pelvic joints which relaxes the piriformis muscle taking pressure off the sciatic nerve. Appropriate stretching is also utilized. With repetition, the chiropractor can retrain the muscles of the pelvis to relax and then strengthen to hold the pelvis in the proper position, correcting the sciatica and alleviating the leg pain, low back pain and potential leg numbness.

To confirm if the sciatica is from a herniated disc or lumbar stenosis, an MRI is needed. To confirm if the sciatica is from a pelvic misalignment, the chiropractor is needed. Chiropractic is the most conservative treatment, along with physical therapy exercises and inversion. Most sciatica from pelvic misalignments will resolve with chiropractic care within as few as 2-12 sessions. If it does not respond, diagnostic testing should be ordered to check the lumbar discs for herniation and spinal bones for stenosis.

Pregnancy Prenatal Chiropractic Care Info: While on the subject of sciatica, one of the more common symptoms that occurs during pregnancy is sciatica. During pregnancy, the pelvis begins to change position to ready itself for childbirth. Frequently the sacroiliac joints become stuck or fixated which then can cause pregnancy sciatica. The other primary concern is when the pelvis misaligns, there is abnormal tension on the round ligaments which support the uterus. This tension constricts the space in which the baby can move, leading to a possible breach baby position. Obstetrically trained chiropractors will not only realign and restore the fixated pelvis to normal, but the pregnancy trained chiropractor will perform soft tissue work on the round ligament ensuring that the unborn child has the room needed to move into the head down position. Not only can the chiropractor help with pregnancy related sciatica, the chiropractor can help ensure that upcoming delivery goes as nature intended.

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