Continuing our “POWER” series empowering you to help reclaim your health now and in the future. A few subtle lifestyle habits will skyrocket your well-being and unlock your true health potential.

We have discussed the manifestion of stress and the importance of good habits. This week we move to the power of sleep.

The Power of Sleep :

Getting proper sleep improves mental clarity, memory, concentration and performance. The body and brain repair during sleep. The brain and body work in harmony, similarily to a car battery needing constant recharge. Sleep deprivation is one of the number one problems challenging today’s youth, mothers and many professionals. Many do not simply get enough sleep!

Tips & Suggestions:

1) Quantity: on average, 7-9 hours is ideal. The younger you are, the higher the requirements for more sleep. (Teenagers, 14-17, require 8-10 hours per day).

2) Quality: make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible. Remove computer or screen time 30 minutes before bed. Light stimulates the brain and effects sleep hormones and patterns.

3) Consistency: The body respects and responds to rhythm . Going to bed and rising randomly affects your energy and how your body recovers. It is also suggested not to go to bed and rise on the same day. Basically, be sure to go to bed before midnight! Based on circadian rhythm the golden ours of sleep are between 10pm-2am. Ideally you should sleep during these times.


As most of you have heard me say in the past, EAT WELL… MOVE WELL… THINK WELL…

Dr. Stuart Katzen

Dr. Stuart Katzen

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